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Honey Garlic Sesame Marinated Tempeh

sesame honey tempeh

Honey Garlic Sesame Marinated Tempeh gluten free, dairy free, nut free Asian cultures traditionally consume soy after it’s been fermented, such as miso and tempeh. The benefits of fermenting is the beneficial bacteria that is created which helps with digestion and better nutrient absorption. With tempeh the whole bean is fermented adding additional fiber to […] Read more…

Living Oats Porridge

fermented oatmeal

Living Oats Porridge dairy free, nut free Once soaked oats are quick to cook up in minutes on the stove. If you are sensitive to gluten often times once soaked or fermented (which would happen after a couple days of soaking) they are much better tolerated and in fact, instead of potentially causing damage to […] Read more…