Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Oatmeal Bowl

apple cinnamon quinoa oatmeal bowl

Ever have a hard time deciding what to eat the morning of a race or a day full of activity? I came up with this recipe for just this reason. Oatmeal is great on its own don’t get me wrong. Sometimes you just want to boost the nutrition factor and also to not have a heavy feeling in your stomach is nice as well. Quinoa mixed with oatmeal flavoured with apple and cinnamon is apparently a delicious combination! Make this ahead of time and reheat on the stove for a quick breakfast full of protein and heart healthy coconut!

Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Oatmeal Bowl

By: Susanna Deering, RHN

Gluten free (Optional), dairy free, nut free

Fill your belly and fuel your workout with this hearty bowl. Quinoa and oatmeal cooked together with diced apple and cinnamon.  Add in some coconut oil before serving to enhance the health benefits of this breakfast bowl for some energy boosting power. More protein than your average bowl of oatmeal!

Ingredients                 Makes 3 cups

  • ½ cup uncooked quinoa (soak in water for about 5 minutes and rinse)
  • ½ cup rolled oats (use gluten free if sensitive)
  • 2 cups filtered water
  • pinch of natural salt
  • 1 apple, cored and diced
  • ½ – 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1-2 tbsp coconut sugar (or natural sweetener of choice)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • ½ cup coconut milk (optional)
  • optional toppings – raw sunflower or pumpkins seeds, shredded coconut, dried fruit


  1. Place rinsed quinoa, oats and water and salt in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce to medium heat and cook for about 15 minutes, or until water is absorbed.
  2. With 5 minutes left of cooking, add in the diced apple and cinnamon.
  3. Once cooked, add in the coconut sugar and coconut oil, stir to combine.
  4. Serve in bowls and top with coconut milk and optional toppings of choice!

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