Detoxing Lemonade

burdock root lemonadeI love the idea of homemade lemonade, refreshing and hydrating especially in the summer, cleansing and detoxing plus you can make it taste great too. I like to make mine with a base of a cooled down herbal tea. You can use any kind of herbal tea you like, the fruity ones taste nice chilled. You can also combine different herbs for various health benefits. In this recipe I make a strong pot of burdock tea, you can also add some lemongrass, lavender, and other herb you desire. Once cooled down I squeeze about 5-6 lemons along with the pot of tea and combine in a pitcher, then add some maple syrup the juice of some ginger to desired taste. Taste the lemonade and add extra of an ingredient until it tastes good to you. You can also use stevia if you are on a cleanse or just avoiding sugars of any kind, I like the unprocessed stevia which should be a green powder, since stevia is a plant it should be green not white when ground. Hope you enjoy this recipe and get to taste this earthy, lemony goodness.. not to mention the great cleansing affects of both lemon and burdock. Enjoy!

Cleansing Burdock Root Lemonade

This version of lemonade includes cleansing burdock root tea combined with fresh ginger, lemon and lightly sweetened with stevia. Perfect served cold or hot.

Recipe by. Susanna Deering, RHN

1 pot burdock tea (cooled if making it a cold drink)

2 inches of fresh ginger

juice of 2 lemons

¼ tsp ground stevia leaf powder (or to taste), or maple syrup to taste

2-3 cups of filtered water

  • brew a pot of burdock root tea and sit to let cool
  • combine in a large jug, cooled burdock tea, juice of 2 lemons and stevia powder to taste
  • grate fresh ginger and put in a nut milk bag or cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice into the jug
  • Taste and add the extra water to taste if needed
  • cut a few slices of lemon either from a new lemon or one of the 2 lemons before you juice them. Place in the jug as garnish.
  • add ice cubes and stir
  • Serve and enjoy the cleansing benefits from this refreshing lemonade

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