Raw Food Health Benefits

The benefits of eating foods in there raw state are so plentiful and powerful there are now many restaurants devoted to just raw foods.  Foods cooked below 118°F are considered raw and you can find raw pizzas, crackers, zucchini pasta, soups, sauces and even cakes and cookies created using no cooking at all. There are many reasons to start incorporating a high amount of raw foods into your diet; these main reasons are energy, enzymes and nutrients.

raw food

Energy- The food you eat is supposed to energize you not drain you. Keep this in mind when you eat and start to notice how you feel after meals. Start recognizing what foods give you energy and the ones that drain your energy. Raw live foods have the highest amount of energy and dead or cooked foods like cooked meat would contain no energy. Including living foods into your diet is a great way to increase energy levels and gives you a feeling of overall well-being.

Enzymes- All living things contain enzymes which are needed to help digest the food we eat as well as many other functions they have in the body. Although we can produce enzymes ourselves, we don’t always have enough supply for all our needs. When we cook our food or process it in any way, these enzymes break down and get deactivated. By keeping food in it’s raw form you are doing your body a favour by consuming raw food which are full with active enzymes especially if you are eating living foods such as sprouts or live greens.

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Nutrients- Nutrient value has been scientifically proven to be higher in raw foods compared to their cooked counterparts; nutrients break down when heated.   Obviously more nutrients in the food means more nutrients in you, and remember the fresher the produce = the higher the nutrient value.

Try adding more raw and living foods into your diet  and see for yourself  how your energy will soar!

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